Loyalty Rewards Program

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doterra wholesale program

dōTERRA has a fantastic incentive program for their members, it’s called the Loyalty Rewards Program or LRP. LRP is an auto ship program that gives cash back for oil purchases. This program is only available to dōTERRA Independent Product Consultants or IPC’s. This program is a great way independent product consultants to enjoy free dōTERRA products. The program… Read more »

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

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Our Calming Essential Oils team teaches regular classes on essential oil products. For the past few months we have been giving a presentation known as Medicine Cabinet Makeover. Medicine cabinet makeover compares health products that are regularly found in everyones medicine cabinet to essential oils. The presentation explores how essential oils can not only replace… Read more »

About the Oils Class

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doterra Elevation Joyful Blend

The best way to learn about essential oils is to experience them first hand. An easy way to try essential oils is by attending an oils class. Our Calming Essential Oils team holds regular classes each month. The essential oils classes are free for anyone to attend.  The purpose of the essential oils class is… Read more »

Essential Oil Trio, a must have

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The doterra trio

A friend introduced me to dōTERRA about 6 months ago. Prior to this, I had never used essential oils. I actually never knew there were safe and effective alternative choices to medicine.  My friend encouraged me to try the essential oils. I was willing to test them out since, like all of us; I suffer… Read more »

Natural Allergy Remedy

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Treat allergies with lavender, lemon, and peppermint.

Allergy season hits me hard this time of year. The pollen count begins to rise and I find myself having regular sneezing fits. I also find myself using a lot of toilet paper to blow my nose. Needless to say, it’s not my favorite season. In the past, my only way around it was using… Read more »

Natural Tension Headache Remedy

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Headaches are a common theme in my life. My headaches are painful in various degrees. Sometimes I will even get migraine headaches. luckily they don’t happen very often. Most of my headaches are brought on by stress. It’s not uncommon for me to have a tension headache by the end of the evening. I often… Read more »

Natural Heartburn Remedy

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Dealing with heartburn is a common issue for many of us. I am no different. Typically my heartburn is caused by eating the wrong foods at the wrong time of night. There are many options available to deal with heartburn. I recently was introduced to an amazing essential oil company called doTerra. In my opinion,… Read more »

Wholesale Essential Oils

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Saving money on essential oils is always a good thing. Many people wonder where to find wholesale prices on essential oils. dōTERRA makes it possible for essential oil lovers to have this option. It’s very simple.  Anybody can purchase a wholesale membership with dōTERRA. It’s $35.00 per year. As a wholesale dōTERRA member you will… Read more »

Natural Sore Throat Remedy

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One of the worst things about getting a cold, is the accompanying sore throat. In the past, I have always run to the cough drops. I usually find that cough drops never really take care of the issue. It seems like they just force me to suck on something that doesn’t really taste that great…. Read more »

Losing Weight w/ Slim & Sassy

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doTERRA lose weight with slim and sassy

Slim and sassy is the number #1 selling essential oil from dōTERRA. This essential oil is a metabolic blend that works as an appetite suppressant and a metabolic booster.  This essential oil can be applied aromatically, topically, and internally.  To enjoy the full benefit of Slim and Sassy, it’s recommended to take 4-5 drops every… Read more »