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We have a very active two year old. She loves to explore new things and in the process is constantly exposed to new germs. She also loves to play with other children and it seems almost impossible to stop her from sharing her toys, and playing with the other children’s toys. Because of this, she has a history of getting colds. Many of her colds can last for a week. This has been frustrating to us.

We recently tried an essential oil from doterra called On Guard. On Guard is a pure essential oil blend with all natural ingredients that support the immune system. This calming essential oil has made a huge difference in our lives. Most notably, in our child’s life. We were instructed to apply the On guard essential oil to our children’s feet after they had been exposed to germs. We also were told to apply the essential oil while our child had her cold. We have been amazed at how effective this pure essential oil has been. The number of colds has been reduced. If she does get a cold, we apply the oil to her feet in the morning and evening. We have found that the cold duration has been reduced from a week to about 3 days.

We also use the On Guard on our feet. We just went through the holiday season and none of us suffered from a cold or any other health ailment. We are very grateful for the On Guard essential oil. I highly recommend trying a free sample.

boost your immune system with doterra on guard

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